Wednesday, 2 June 2010

An Urban Compost Tumbler - The Secret to Great Home Compost?

Is an urban compost tumbler the solution to your home composting problems?

Composting your garden waste in an urban garden has been difficult until the development of the rotating compost bin. These great compost tumblers totally remove the previous issues of:
  • Limited space
  • Odor
  • Pests such as flies, rats, raccoons, foxes

A well managed compost heap rarely has issues with pests other than a few flies. Unfortunately, many gardeners do not understand the process of composting and find themselves with a heap of stinking, rotting vegetation and kitchen waste that attracts the local unwanted pests!

The introduction of a tumbling composter makes it ideal for all gardens and yards. It is an efficient way of disposing of your biodegradable garden and kitchen waste and producing fantastic home compost that is perfect for your plants and lawns.

The natural odor of compost is a quite pleasant earthy smell. Bad odors mean that something is going wrong with the composting process, usually because the compost mix is too wet.

A tumbling composter is enclosed with just aeration vent holes, which minimizes the escape of even the natural compost smells.

Since the home compost tumbler is enclosed, it does not attract any pests that you may normally associate with compost heaps.

The secret to great home compost is aeration.

With a rotating compost bin, this is so easily achieved without the backbreaking work of turning a compost pile by hand.

The urban compost tumbler model still requires manual turning of the drum, so it is not suitable for those with fitness problems. Even so, it is still far easier than forking a compost pile!

Compost tumblers efficiently remove all the downsides of making your own organic compost at home. Being so easy to use, it is difficult to go wrong.

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